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When you’re an Emerald Coast Holistic Health Expo sponsor, your brand is everywhere: on radio, TV, billboards and social media, and prominently displayed on banners throughout the expo, including classrooms and outdoor areas.

But the biggest and most unique benefit of sponsoring the largest holistic and integrative health event in Northwest Florida is the relationships you’ll build within the healthy living community. With your presence at the expo—especially by being among the select educational speakers there—you can make a personal impact on thousands of people who share your commitment to the idea of wellness as holistic, preventive process. 

Terms like integrative health and body-mind-spirit have become market buzzwords—and for good reason. Today more than ever, it’s obvious that we need to care for ourselves and our planet. To that end, consumers are adopting natural, sustainable lifestyles that address all aspects of well-being.

By joining the Emerald Coast Holistic Health Expo, you’ll help bring people the wellness opportunities they are seeking. They want to learn about natural, alternative and integrative treatments. They want to hear about you, talk to you and find out how you can help them attain a healthier, greener lifestyle. By interacting with them personally, you can gain their trust and their business.

 So get your name out there and meet people from across Northwest Florida and Alabama who are taking a more natural approach to life and wellness. Don’t miss this opportunity to capitalize on the thousands of connections you’ll make at this spectacular two-day event!

Sponsor Levels


Echhexpo waterelement
Limited Availability
10 x 16 end cap booth, premium placement next to entrance, plus electricity included, and much more for $2000.

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Echhexpo earthelement
(2) standard 8 x 10 Booths w/premium placement and much more for $1500.

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Echhexpo airelement
One standard 8 x 10 Booth w/premium placement and much more for $1000.

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Echhexpo fireelement
One standard 8 x 10 Booth w/priority placement and much more for $800.

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Loot Bag Sponsor

Loot bag

$1000 Promotional Upgrade for Sponsors or Exhibitors 
Only 1 available

Your company logo exclusively on one side of the event loot eco-bag.

Eco-Friendly Customized Reusable Grocery Bag includes One-Color Logo Printing on 1000 bags - stuffed with handouts and distributed to the first 500 registered attendees and the first 500 to attend.

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